3-Month Private Coaching

Why me?


Because you can have it all, and I am dedicated to make it happen for you.


My mission is to help other coaches and service providers grow their business, live their dream lives, and never have to choose between owning their decisions or having someone else call the shots.


I know how it feels to be spinning your wheels because I've been there myself...desperately wanting to say goodbye to the corporate world, begging for a life bigger than the one I was living, and having the resources to make a bigger impact in my family and for my passion projects (I love animals and spending time with my family.) 

Private Coaching - Melina Panetta
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I was done answering to someone else, but to be honest -- I doubted my ability to make it on my own.  


So, what did I do?  I enrolled in online courses.  I started following people that were at the top of their game, reading blogs and watching YouTube videos. Truly wasting my time.  I kept wondering what I was doing wrong.


Sound familiar?

Well, it’s time to turn those limiting thoughts around and think differently, because I can tell you that it’s all a bunch of BS!


The truth is that every single person you see out there that you feel has “made it” started at the beginning.  One product.  One client.  One message.  

What else did these successful people have?  A proven step-by-step plan that they were committed to, that let them say goodbye to struggle and hello to success.  


Success leaves clues, and that is what I can show you!


If I did it, and that person you are following can do it, you can too.  


Here is what I can tell you is ABSOLUTELY possible—you can:
private coaching - melina panetta
  • Wake up and pinch yourself every single day because you are doing the work that you love and getting paid what you are worth to do it. 


  • Have the FREEDOM to work from anywhere at any time in the world


  • Design and create your days however you choose—take a class at 2pm, go shopping without looking at your watch, or have a long lunch with your friends at a fun trendy place


  • Enjoy an income that surpasses your wildest dreams, to the point where it makes you wonder how you ever survived your corporate hours and salary.  GOOD RIDDANCE.


  • Travel where you want when you want in style, staying in that 5-star resort, going to the spa, enjoying the sunshine and completely relaxing without interruption 

How does that sound?

How Private Coaching Works


There is a zero-risk first step. All you need to do is apply, tell me a little bit about yourself, and why you are stuck.


I will contact you to schedule a 30-minute Discovery call.  


We'll get clear on your vision, dive a little deeper on what's standing in your way and make sure we're a good fit for a coaching relationship.


If we're a good fit and you're ready to go for it, then you’ll buy your life-changing coaching package. You'll get a contract and a personalized Welcome Package that will get you started!


We'll schedule your standing coaching calls.


Each week we will have a detailed conversation on your progress.  You'll share your wins and your aha moments, and we will work on the skills and activities that will have your results continue to go farther, further, faster.

Decide and Commit that today is the day your life changes.
Raise the bar in your life.  You deserve it. 
The world is waiting for your badass self.



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