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3 Secrets To Make Your “To Do” List Fun

Do you look at your to-do list and want to scream or throw it away?

I know that feeling.

Everything seems like a priority, day after day, and your list actually becomes useless because the sh!t never gets totally done! Things just keep magically appearing!

I am a big fan of making things more fun and enjoyable, and to that end I believe that the number of items “checked off” is not really a great measure of your daily success. I know that you do a lot of stuff that isn’t even on that list!

Almost everyone struggles to finish to-do lists. According to statistics from ‘idonethis’ app, 41% of to-do list tasks are never completed, and only 50% of items are finished on the same day they’re added. Is your list even real, or is it a wish list that has been the same for the last year?

If your list is the real deal, here is my list (no pun intended) to make your tasks more fun:

1. Your ONE Thing

What is the ONE important thing that absolutely needs to get done, and what is the amount of effort you need to dedicate to it? Put it in your calendar. Look at the remaining items in your list and identify three medium things, and then a couple smaller items. That’s it for the day! Focus on being productive, not just busy. What can you do to enjoy yourself while working on these tasks? Listen to music? Take a break for short walk?

2. You got TIME

Many times, the anxiety we feel is because we create this false urgency inside that actually ends up distracting us. You end up forgetting your phone, leaving the lights on, and what are you going to wear!?

Sometimes we need to slow down in order to go fast.

It is ironic, I know, but true. When you get up in the morning, think about what will work for you in order to help you feel calmer and more centered. It can be as simple as a five-minute meditation, taking a few deep breaths in peace, and setting an intention for the day. Take away the distractions of immediately looking at your phone or turning on the news. Believe me, all that stuff will still be there.

3. Add “I GET to…”

Did you ever notice that when you feel like you have a choice, things do not seem to grab a negative hold on you? It’s all about freedom baby, no one wants someone else to tell them what to do and when to do it! It is a shift that you can start using-- like right now--to feel a little self-love and appreciation.

I get to…(fill in the blank)…walk my dog, go grocery shopping, or go for a walk. This mind shift may take some practice, but it really works! I also like to do small things to make it fun, like call a friend when I am on a walk or play with my pet after feeding them. Incorporate the things that make you happy while you are tackling your list!

I also try to include fun things that bring me joy, not just the chores. How about “Call Maria and pick a fun place for dinner on Friday” or “Go for a jog and get an iced latte.” When you can add some fun and enjoyment to your list you will notice that the other items will not appear as painful.

Be mindful on how you are choosing to spend your time, your life. It is all up to you!!

Now go have some fun and get it done!

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