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5 Ways to be "ON FIRE!"

When was the last time that you felt that you were “on fire!?”

What were you doing?

Who were you with?

How did the experience make you feel?

The crazy thing about fire is that you need fire to light it.

Think about it---if you want to start a fire, you will need a match, two sticks, or a lighter to start it, right? Totally ironic, but true.

How do you get that feeling of being “on fire” back into your life, into your work? I tell people that it's like rubbing two sticks together. First you will need a spark, and then the flame that grows into the blaze. What is the spark that you need to get your fire going?

I realized years ago that for me, the spark in my life was actually starting, taking some kind of ACTION. Even when I didn’t feel like moving or getting my butt in gear, once I started the ball kept rolling!

What will do it for you? Here are 5 ways to get yourself motivated to find out:

Make Somebody’s Day

I love the feeling when I can do something for someone and they don’t even expect or know it. Think about the last time you felt surprised and happy when this happened for you…when someone showed up to help you move, paid for your toll or groceries, or came to visit with a bottle of wine or a coffee to spend time with you. Great feeling, right? When you are able to create this feeling for another person you will get more motivated because you will feel that the universe is on your side. Try it out, and see what happens!

I Will Persist Until I Succeed.

Og Mandino’s book The Greatest Salesman in the World is one of the most inspiring, uplifting, and motivating books out there today. I feel like it is an easy read with such a great message that has the power to transform your life. It is the story of a camel boy two thousand years ago and his burning desire to improve his lowly position in life. When you have some free time, put it on your list and give it a go.

Take Your Filtered Glasses Off

Something that I try to remember daily is that in every situation, I can choose what I see and how I see it. This can be tough at times, but I promise you will catch how you are thinking the more you practice. Then you will know how to proceed in the best way for you. Who you are is what you see! I have noticed that if I am in a good mood (which is most of the time!), I will see opportunities with energy and hope. Conversely, if I feel irritated about something, I will see circumstances differently, most likely in an unattractive way. It is always your choice. Your opportunities will grow when you choose to see them!

Once In a While, Blow Your Own Damn Mind

Seriously. Stop and think about this. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone with a determination that set you on fire? Like you were unstoppable and said "I cannot even believe I did that!" YAY! It is not a secret that challenges cause growth. You cannot be committed to your dream and your comfort zone. It is up to you to find challenges that motivate you! You can use your comfy zone to rest in but don’t live there.

Become Aware of What Is Really Worth Your Energy

It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind in these crazy times, especially with most of us being home more, I get it. What I would like to propose is for you to become more aware of what is truly deserving of your energy, what is actually in your control. What lifts you up and makes you smile? What can you do away with? The key to personal fulfillment and transformation can be found in your daily routine, in doing the small things. It is a work in progress, it all adds up.



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