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“I have no idea what my niche is!”

“If I specialize I am afraid that I will exclude potential clients!”

Sound familiar? Yep, I get it.

It seems backwards, right? You naturally think that if you have a product or service that you feel benefits everyone, you will have more opportunities to grow your audience.

Actually, it is the exact opposite.

For example, if you were looking for an orthopedic surgeon, most likely you would search for “the best” one in your city. You would not look for a general practitioner. The reason is that our minds are programmed to find 'the best'. You feel more at ease that you are getting your needs met with the best possible solution.

The same is true within your business. Regardless if you are a coach or a course creator, you need the right bait to catch your dream clients. If you don't know exactly what you are known for, how will anyone ever know you?

The good news is that not only is it possible to find your sweet spot, you can create your dream business too.

I have worked with many online entrepreneurs through my program that have successfully discovered their niche and are now attracting people that need exactly what they offer. Everyone is happy!

Here are three ways to figure it out:

1. What specific problem do you solve?

A problem is an experience of something unwanted. Describe how your potential client FEELS about the problem. What is their experience? This will help you understand what your clients are actually going through in their day to day life, and why they would be looking for someone like you to help them.

2. Who do you help?

Paint a picture of who you want to work with and find out where they hang out. Be as specific as possible with your description. The clearer you are about this person, the better--married/single, age, gender, demographic, kids, profession, style, etc.

3. Highlight your expertise and skills in your marketing that specifically addresses this specific need. Messaging is key. Think about why your ideal client needs what you offer, and the results they will get by working with you. Put yourself in their shoes--what would make you open that email or want to work with someone?

Once you figure this out, everything else will fall into place. Imagine waking up totally excited to get to work with your dream clients, and making an impact with them. Great feeling, right?

Feel free to reach out!



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