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Do You Dream About Doing Something Else?

If you could wave your magic wand and do anything you want with a 100% guarantee of success, what would you wish for?

Take a few minutes to really think about this and write it down.

So many people I coach tell me that they no longer feel fulfilled at work or that they know there is something more for them. Many of these people are very successful by external measures, but on the inside—their heart is telling them something very different.

We all know—whether we admit it or not---how we feel about situations in our lives that make us happy or frustrated. Our feelings are the barometer. The challenge for most people is the limiting belief that they simply cannot choose a different path, and even if they got that far they would have no idea on where to begin.

I am here to tell you that it is indeed possible for both—to choose and to begin. I did it, and I have also worked with many others to accomplish it. YOU CAN TOO.

Making the commitment to change is a choice, and the path is not straight or easy. However, when we are determined to live our best life and making it happen no matter what, over time we are often surprised by the results. I have seen people make even more money than before—with less time and effort and more impact!

The truth is that you have been assigned. The Law of Dharma says that everyone has a purpose in life, a unique gift or special talent to share with the world to serve others. Are you wondering what is your unique skill?

Here are five ways to find out:

1. If you found yourself in a book store, what section would you go to first? What books would you pull off the shelf? What topics do you love to talk about?

The things that you are drawn to are all big signs about what truly interests and motivates you. Look at your internet searches. Make note of the common themes and write them down.

2. What types of activities are you engaged in when you feel the happiest? Who are you with?

The way that you spend your precious time and the company you keep while doing it is a true indicator of what is important to you. What situations make you feel the happiest? What impact do these activities have on your life? What do you enjoy about them?

3. Connect your work to your values.

The ultimate secret is that if you can connect your work to your values, you can change your game. Go back to your wish when you waved your magic wand—why did you pick what you did? What about it gives you energy and lights you up? There is a ton of truth in your purpose here! Being aligned is a key indicator that you are going down the right path.

4. Think of three big problems you have solved, and how you solved them.

These things do not have to be only at work. What are you proud of accomplishing in your life, and how did you do it? It doesn’t need to be a major life event! Write your list. Did you help someone plan their dream vacation? Support your best friend through a difficult time? Help a coworker make a difficult decision? Setup a training program to run a marathon? Teach your child how to ride their bike? We all have unique strengths that we sometimes do not realize that can make all the difference when we are trying figure out an idea for a side hustle.

5. Ask a close friend or family member what they think you are good at.

What does not stand out to us is crystal clear to someone else. Ask for an honest opinion. You may learn something new about yourself, and gain a new perspective. This can be an “a-ha” moment!

There is no doubt that you will start to feel really excited once you have some direction on what you would like to do and start your journey.

You have one shot on this planet, why not make it your best?

I am here to support you to truly GO FOR IT.



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