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The ONE Thing

If I were to ask you what’s the one thing that you needed to be successful in your business, what would you say?




All great answers, but you would be wrong.

The one thing? Failure. The dreaded “F” word.

It took me a long time to understand this, because to me, it sounds counter-intuitive. Two steps forward and three steps back is necessary? Whaaat?

You see, failure is inevitable. That may be bad news to some of you. The good news, however, is that when you experience failure and embrace it, you have an amazing opportunity to learn, tweak your product and approach, and try again. Your chances of success will go way up!

Stay with me, hear me out.

Think about when child learns how to walk. We have all been there, even if you can’t remember. I can guarantee that you fell, cried, and laughed many times. As a baby you learned to first sit-up, then ventured into a crawl—one small step at a time, stand, and then finally take your first step. At each stage there were victories to celebrate and frustrations to work through.

No choices. If you want to walk, GET BACK UP.

And that, my beautiful entrepreneurs, is the key to life, and the key to your success. Your fulfillment. No choices.


As part of my professional growth, I have always found it inspiring to learn how far others have come on their path to greatness (this is a super small list, you know there are thousands of stories!):

  • Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University, and his first business “Traf-O-Data” tanked

  • Walt Disney was told he “lacked imagination and skill” and actually went bankrupt 4 times

  • Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job as a reporter after she was told she was “unfit for TV”

See? You’re not alone! When you have greatness on the inside and you are determined to share your unique gifts with the world, you are bound to experience failure until you find out what works. Check your ego at the door and start over.

I know that it is not easy, we continue to live on this beautiful roller coaster of entrepreneurship. What I can share with you is that although the unknown can be scary, the exhilaration and your triumphs will be well worth the ride!

Just like the child who is determined to walk, that is now running all over the place, your success is right around the corner.

It’s all part of the perfectly imperfect journey.

So, fail. Fail often. Fail fast and forward. Keep going. It is the only way you can emerge into the person you deserve to be.

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