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The Secrets to Selling – Part 1

Do you frustrated trying to consistently grow your audience?

When I started my coaching practice, this was something that totally had me stuck. I thought that if I had the training and wanted to help people, all I needed to do was share my good news. I emailed my friends and family, created a webpage, and joined a few coaching groups.

I thought that if I put myself out there, the clients would come. The money would come. I waited.

The result? No clients. No discovery calls. No cash.

I started to put more out there, more posts, more cold calls, more freebies.

Still, nothing measurable.

The truth is, after a few months I realized that it doesn’t work that way. Here’s why:

People may have been happy for me, but they did not necessarily want to randomly hear about everything I was doing and why they should invest.

You won’t be able to build a successful business if you are constantly trying to sell people something that they don’t want.

Sooooo, would be totally beneficial to understand what works and what doesn’t?

Well, today we are going to address Secret #1 of the answer. YAY!

Stick with me here, and think about the last time you bought something that was a luxury.

Now think about WHY you bought it.

For example, I love fitness, and I always shop for cute fitness clothes at Lululemon.

Do you know why I shop there? Sure, the clothes do the job and have some special features.

But other, less expensive clothes would most likely do the same thing.

The truth is, I buy these expensive clothes because I want them. They make me feel good, I feel luxurious and more motivated in them, and ultimately in my mind I continue to exercise daily because I feel good. It is about my experience.

I’m guessing that your last luxury item purchase made you feel good about yourself as well in some way. You may have even rationalized your buying decision, but the bottom line is we all have money for what we want money for. You wanted it.

Do you agree?

The reality is that most clients view coaching as a luxury. It is not covered by insurance. It is a “nice to have.” The challenge is that you will need to sell the experience that your coaching will give your client, to make them want what you have to offer.

So how to do this?

More in Part 2 next week!

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