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melina Panetta

Forward, Further, Faster 

I am an all or nothing type of person! The “kick-in-the-butt” you need, supplying the motivation to rise to your dreams.


I am Real. Honest. Life-changing. Entertaining. Passionate. Inspiring. My process . . . Magic. I help craft a life-changing toolbox, permanent and lasting, to make the positive changes you came here to find. Every day better and better and better.


I am the daughter of immigrant parents. Lots of tough love. Not a lot of hand holding. My younger self would have loved to have me (now) as a mentor in her corner. I did not. But I survived and survived I did. I learned the hard way . . . Today, I share my wisdom with you. An experienced mentor. A trusted soul. A learned guide. My vision is to share the painstaking lessons I’ve learned so you don’t have to feel so alone.


Today I am happily married to my husband Joseph and have manifested my dream business of giving, teaching, guiding and helping.  You will be investing in magical breakthroughs and meteoric success. I motivate you to move forward, further, faster.  Live an extraordinary limitless Life. 

Powerful Impact – Cultivating Entrepreneurs

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We make it simple! We start with a bit about you.  Discuss the basics. Who are you, here and now. How does the world see you?  Kicking old habits to the curb. Putting together a new Tool Box.  Your own customized journey. 




You can call me “Tech Support,” if you will. We will brainstorm, trouble shoot and identify what your inner programs are gently whispering to you.  Perhaps setting you up for failure? Don’t you think it’s a perfect time to rework the conversation? Let’s drill down to the details and realign things to work more succinctly.

Let’s plan the voyage and set your sails on the course of success!



Intro Session - $75
An Intro No-Obligation Session to dip your foot into the water. Let’s determine the course of action that works for you.




A.  Monthly In-Person Sessions

B.   Monthly Zoom Sessions

C.   Monthly Phone Sessions

Based on 3 Month + 6 Month + 1 Year Calendar Programs

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"You made me laugh when I wanted to cry.  We actually did it!"

Life In Transition


I  will mentor and guide you every step of the way. You’re not alone. Call me now to discuss how we can begin to tap into that resilience you always knew you had.

Tel: 412.352.1523

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