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Are you ready to shift your money mindset and conquer your next crazy life goal?

I help highly successful and powerful women multiply their ability to receive, keep, and circulate money in their online business.

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I'm Melina Panetta

Are You Ready For The Abundance

Breakthrough Of A Lifetime?

Let me show you exactly how to uncover the invisible forces preventing you from attracting, keeping, and circulating an abundance of money in your life....

I am a wealth mindset coach for creative female entrepreneurs who want to kick their fear and money blocks to the curb and get to the next level in their life and  business.

What I do know is that you can do anything, be anything, and create anything you want.

I’m going to share the #1 most critical thing you need to learn in order to permanently change your financial situation, starting TODAY.


Successful women all have ONE thing in common…


They know that it all starts with the MIND.

Over the last 5 years working as a Wealth Mindset Coach, I quickly realized that there wasn't anyone explaining step-by-step what to do with your history, resistance, doubts, fear, uncertainty, and confusion around money.


I learned how the mind works.

At one point in time, I was feeling guilty, unworthy, and overwhelmed by the idea of how to be successful with money. 

I had the belief that “I didn’t feel supported by money.”

Deep down, I didn’t think I was the kind of person who would ever have an abundance of money.

I always figured I would just “get by” with having enough to live every month and that’s it.

But what I came to realize is: 

This is not a very fun or empowering way to live. 

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I know what it feels like when money is often the #1 reason you have to say “no” to the things you want to do, have, and experience.
I’ve worked dead-end jobs. I’ve lived in crappy places. I’ve driven a beat-up car. I grew up just scraping by. 
I’ll never forget the day that I finally DECIDED that things had to change.
I was barely tolerating yet another dead-end job where I was grossly underpaid and I was miserable inside. I dreaded going to work and it was secretly killing me.
I thought to myself, “Is this all there is?”
I also remember praying for Divine guidance.
The answer I received surprised me...
You ARE worthy.
You DESERVE all that’s in your heart.
Your work is of SERVICE. 
You are here to help others PROSPER.
That is how The Limitless Life Method was created.
First I knew that I had to work on changing my understanding and relationship with money.
My thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors around money were not helping me or supporting me to create the life I wanted. 
I taught myself how to shift into an energetic state of receiving.
I learned how to attract, generate, and receive money in ways that were right for me and fit who I wanted to be.
I learned how to create new beliefs that supported what I wanted in my life.
It worked.
I now know that you cannot grow a business or change your life if you’re holding on to a disempowering relationship with money...
This is your chance to change that!
When you change your mentality around money, you change your experience of having money.
The result is that you can live the life of your wildest dreams!
Let me be clear: What I’m here to teach you isn’t just limited to money.  
There are successful people who can’t seem to keep, have, or save and worry about money day in and day out.  
The reason is that it isn’t just about the numbers.  
Money is about ENERGY.
This program will change your ENTIRE life.
I understand how frustrating it is to spend months reading all the books, watching endless videos, and taking course after course and still feeling stuck!  
If you feel like you’ve been stuck in inaction for too long, you’ll receive the tools you need to make the necessary shifts to take you to the next level.
In the past 5 years, I have become an industry leader in Wealth Mindset strategies and have helped women across the globe see massive success in their lives.  
Now it’s YOUR turn to finally see the results you crave in your own life!
Once you apply my bullet-proof strategies, you will effortlessly be able to co-create the life of your dreams, be free from any and all limiting beliefs, and make every area of your life abundant.

Are you ready to be the CEO of your life?

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Let's cut to the chase...



BUT.....there's just one thing. 

You feel STUCK. 


You want to go bigger in your life and business.

The right time is NOW.


No more burnout and overwhelm. 


It's time to step into your brilliance.  


You are worthy.


You are deserving.


You were made to do this.  

I totally get it.

I was in your shoes. 


I know how it feels. 


I figured out how to overcome the negative talk.


And become an energetic match for what you want.

What will your life look like 3 months from now?

You are powerful.


You are a high-achieving, creative woman.


I know because you are here.


Apply today. 

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Are you ready to conquer the next level in your life and business? Kick your money blocks to the curb and apply today.

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"You made me laugh when I wanted to cry.  We actually did it!"

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