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I teach how to take your side hustle from idea to income in just 30 days.  More income means more options, and more freedom.

I'm here to give you the step-by-step strategies, magic, and bold action through my Idea To Profits framework to start your business the right way, and get real RESULTS.

Ready to live your life on YOUR terms and ditch the FRUSTRATION?


I'm Melina Panetta

You woke up today.  May as well be a badass.

I am so excited that you are here!

I am a business mentor and success coach for entrepreneurs who are ready to step up, stand out, and start or grow their businesses.  

I've been on an eternal path of seeking connection and confidence for most of my life.  I was the kid who always struggled with both. 

I didn't always have my business and clarity that I have today. It was a bumpy road with a lot of struggle to say the least.

Just a few years ago you would have found me sitting in a random crowded airport alone, roaming aimlessly to find an outlet to charge my phone so I could call my family, and tears in my eyes when I had to miss a family birthday or soccer game.  I knew inside that I wanted something better, I wanted something bigger for my life and for my family.

I always dabbled in coaching.  It energized me when I would deeply connect with people and motivate them to accomplish great things.  One cold winter night after being stranded in the airport, I decided that my trips were going to be for vacation only from now on! The end!  I invested in a coaching program and eventually hired my own coach. Little did I know that decision would lead to my ticket to "get out of jail free."

What motivated me wasn't the money--it was the impact I witnessed in others as we worked together.  It was contagious and I loved every minute. I wanted to do more and reach more people.  

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That decision led me to my six-figure empire that I'm running today.  

Ya wanna know what gets me fired up?  Making people feel seen and less alone.  I want for you everything you dream about for yourself--the lifestyle you want, the time with your family, going on that magical trip, and buying your dream home.  No more stress.  No more overwhelm.  No more living someone else's dream. 


I can tell you that it is more than possible.  These dreams are INEVITABLE when you set your mind to it, get real about what you really want, and find the right support.  

I know that change can overwhelming, because you are stepping out of your comfort zone and getting out of auto-pilot. You have a new set of tasks--creating a brand, putting yourself out there, income adjustments, and learning new skills.  I can also share that the journey is so worth it! The world is waiting for you to share your unique gifts.


It's time to buckle up, step into your badass self, and let's get started already!


Are you ready to be the CEO of your life?

Work With Melina

Let's cut to the chase...


You feel that you have so much more in you to give and you want to share your unique talents with the world to help others.  The 9-5 is a grind, and you are tired of the politics and living someone else's dream.  You are determined to leave your mark in this world for what really matters. You want to stand for something bolder, something better, something brilliant. So, you took that first step and started your online business. It gives you the freedom that you want, you are serving the world and you are in control your own life.  You know that your income potential is limitless, and you can spend your time doing what you choose to do when you want to do it. LIFE IS GOOD.

BUT.....there's just one thing. 

You are STUCK.  You see others who are successful online, you even follow them and try to do what they do.  Someday you will be able to fill your programs and the 5K, 10k, 30K months will come. Someday you will be able to hire someone to get you there.

Guess What?  The time is now!


No more sitting on the sidelines, you are going to get in the game.  No more burnout and overwhelm.  It's time to step into your badass self.  No idea how to begin?Thats what I am here to teach you!

I totally get it.

I was in your shoes.  I spent three years desperately trying to build my business on the side of my corporate career.  I was winging it--taking classes, reading anything I could find online about getting clients, learning about my brand, setting up my website, and making sales. I was trying to do it all myself, and I was overwhelmed!  I knew that I needed to find a coach, someone who could quiet the distractions or else I would continue to struggle.   I was freaking out, but I put my big girl pants on and invested in a high-level success coach.  Within 90 days, I got clear on my own plan of attack to build my business, and doubled my profits!  Not bad, right?  Now I am on a mission to help you and your business to succeed, so you can have the clarity and confidence to get to the next level too!

What will your life look like 3 months from now?

The truth is, YOU HAVE UNLIMITED POTENTIAL and you are a badass.  Period. I know because you are here.

IMAGINE...You have a clear step-by-step strategy on how to run your business.   You have discovered your success formula and have a coach who you can rely on to show you how to make it happen.  You feel like it is easy, and you are making a bigger impact with less effort.  How many more dream clients can you sign-up that love you as much as you love them? How much money can you make?  You have become LIMITLESS in what you can accomplish. It's all within you.

My Offerings
3-Month Private IMPACT Coaching

Are you ready to create a successful business doing what you love on your terms?  Commit to being the

 CEO of your life and your business,

I will be there for you every step of the way! This is your time to shine.

Idea To Profits

In this program you’ll learn

how to get clear on your business niche, connect and stand out

with your messaging and

engagement, and identify and

attract clients who will love to work with you.  Create your plan to

quit your day job!

Side Hustle Secrets

This guide is for you if you are just starting out with an idea, or just brainstorming on ideas for a side hustle and don't know where to start.  You don't need to have a huge budget, a degree or a blockbuster email list.  All you need is your desire to pursue your passion and change your life. This guide will show you


"You made me laugh when I wanted to cry.  We actually did it!"

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Are you waiting for success to find you, or are you going to go out and make it happen?  Let's connect! Shoot me an email and I will get back to you within 3 business days.

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