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As a Success Coach, Melina works with people from diverse backgrounds who have the desire to maximize their existing resources in order to have a Powerful Impact in their lives.  Clients work with Melina to get to the next level—they want to be accountable for making the incremental changes to ultimately reach their goals.

Have you ever noticed someone who consistently has the energy and the determination to succeed? This person is clear what they want and knows how to take the necessary steps to achieve it.  It could be a professional athlete, a business person, or your neighbor.  Many of these individuals work with a coach to create their vision, leverage their skills, and be accountable for the actions that ultimately transforms their dreams into reality.  


Melina is professionally trained to work with clients to “bridge the gap” and provide clarity—to recognize things that a client may not see.  She has the ability to inspire, to bring a new perspective, and increase a client’s self-awareness.


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A professional coach is someone who is experienced and trained to work with you to maximize your potential -- to live the life that you desire.  A coach is objective, fully present, is able to increase self-awareness, self-discovery, and growth.


All types of people choose to work with a coach because they want to improve their lives in some way.  Individuals want to experience a positive change that will have some meaning to them, that will make a difference in how they feel through learning, growing, and accomplishing what they set out to do.


A success coach is able to work with you on a range of professional and personal topics. A coach will partner with you to “bridge the gap,” through a process that will analyze your current situation, identify what you wish to accomplish, and create a custom action plan to achieve it.  A coach will also keep you accountable and help to tackle obstacles that show up to increase forward momentum and productivity.


The coaching relationship is all about you!



Think about your life as it is today—on a professional, personal, and emotional level.  Are you where you want to be?  Are you living your dream life—the life that you desire?  If not, why not?  What is holding you back?


A Success Coach will help you set achievable goals that will make your dreams a reality faster.


Working with a Coach is a big decision, should you make the investment?  Here are some scenarios that may resonate with you to help.

Your Life In Transition

If you’re ready to make the leap to a new job or profession, are newly married or single, becoming a parent, moving to a new place, or would like to make more money, a Life Coach can work with you to identify your strengths, assess your current situation, and empower you with the confidence to execute your action plan to get there.

You are Stuck in Your Comfort Zone & Can't Move Forward on Your Own

Do you need help getting to the next level in your life?  Are you simply existing and going through the motions, feeling unfulfilled? Has your life changed in some way that requires you to make big decisions? A Life Coach can challenge you— and help to empower you to gain clarity to what really matters in your life.  Many times a Life Coach is the catalyst to help you gain a new perspective—rediscover your motivation, find a new approach, learn more about yourself, increase awareness, and be excited to take action to accomplish what you want.

You Have a Vision

Do you know what you want, or think you do, but are unsure about how to get there?  Do you need to feel motivated?  Are you focused on the past vs. your future?  Is fear holding you back?  Are you focused on limiting beliefs instead of your positive traits?  Do you lack confidence or procrastinate?  Are you afraid of being successful?  A Life Coach can assist in developing an action plan that moves you forward and overcomes the obstacles that are in your way.

Work/Life Balance

Do you feel stressed that you do not have enough time to accomplish your goals?  A Life Coach can help with identifying counterproductive patterns and identify time management skills that will help you to feel more calm and productive.

Your Goals & Values Do Not Align With Your Actions

Do you need to make better decisions? Are your actions sabotaging or supporting what you are saying that you want?  Is what you say you want truly you, or is it someone else telling you it is what you should want?  Working with a coach can help to motivate you to clarify your personal values to set goals that are right for you.



Some of the most common topics that people hire a Life Coach include:

• Gain clarity in your purpose, create a vision

• Achieve your health & fitness goals

• Become a more effective leader 

• Prepare for changes/transitions

• Grow your business

• Break negative habits/patterns

• Increase self-awareness, develop the right mindset 

• Obtain work/life balance

• Increase effective communication skills

• Build and grow relationships

• Leverage your strengths 

• Create more fun & active social life

• Increase your self-confidence

• Become more motivated & feel more fulfilled

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Melina Panetta, Professional and Life Strategist, is a certified coach and a member of the International Coach Federation.  She is a graduate of Coach U, a leading global provider of coach training programs.  She has over twenty years of executive sales and career experience in services and personal development. 


Melina is known for her energetic approach, humor, and inspiration that she brings to her clients that empowers them to have focus, take action and achieve results.  She works with individuals from various backgrounds, business owners, and corporations in the U.S. and internationally. 


She believes in gratitude each day.


She believes that everyone has the opportunity to truly LIVE the dream life that they envision, to feel empowered by their accomplishments, and to ultimately realize why the transformation is meaningful.


She is direct and results-oriented —she encourages people to think out of the box and take action to move forward—even if it is a small step!


She encourages clients to challenge their perceived limitations and ask themselves thought-provoking questions to overcome their limiting beliefs.


She will challenge you.  She will hold you accountable. You will also laugh and be entertained along the way.



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